How to Take a Snapshot or Copy an Image on Adobe Reader X

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pdf, copy, imagesAdobe Reader X is a powerful tool that lets you open any PDF file. It also lets you modify PDF files thanks to a complete and full-of-features toolbar. However,  there is no snapshot option nor any way to copy images from PDF, apparently. The issue with Adobe Reader X and its new toolbar is that some of its features are hidden, almost concealed from the regular user! So, let’s see how to easily copy any image or photo of your choice from PDF files thanks to the snapshot tool.

Reading from the Adobe Reader X manual:

Copy text and images or photos from PDFs
You can easily copy content in Reader, unless the PDF author has applied security settings that disallow copying.
Confirm that content copying is allowed

  1. Right-click the document, and choose Document Properties.
  2. Click the Security tab, and review the Document Restrictions Summary.

Copy specific content from a PDF

  1. Right-click the document, and choose Select Tool from the pop-up menu.
  2. Drag to select text, or click to select an image.
  3. Right-click the selected item, and choose Copy.

Copy an entire PDF (Windows Reader application only, not browser)
❖Choose Edit > Copy File to Clipboard.
Copy an area of a PDF (Reader application only, not browser)
The Snapshot tool copies an area as an image that you can paste into other applications.

  1. Choose Edit > Take a Snapshot.
  2. Drag a rectangle around the area you want to copy, and then release the mouse button.
  3. Press the Esc key to exit Snapshot mode.

In another application, choose Edit > Paste to paste the copied image.

Additionally, you can left-click any images on your PDF file to highlight it. After that, right-click the image or photo and from the menu, select “Copy Image”.

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