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Castleville game on Facebook is a social network game that lets you “build an incredible medieval Kingdom and Create your Happy Ending! Work with a colorful cast and your friends to build the finest Kingdom of them all.” One of the most troubling things about Castleville is that it may be slow on certain computers and browsers. A lot of users are reporting a great number of issues such as: slow downloading, slow memory error while playing with the game and other issues related with the game being very slow or in some cases even unresponsive. Let’s see how to solve this annoying bugs thanks to helpful tricks!

  1. Change browser. A lot of users have managed to solve their problems using Firefox. Apparently, Firefox manages memory in a better way. This makes Castleville much faster. Instead, Internet Explorer is bad when it comes to running Castleville which, as a consequance, becomes very slow.
  2. Download the latest version of Adobe Flash player which resolves a lot of bugs and manage the memory in a better way.
  3. If you use Opera browser, try this trick: zoom out – choose low-resolution on both flash and game (if available) – quit unnecessary processes and tabs that use a lot of resources.
  4. Clear your browser cache. To access browser cache options, go to your browser settings.
  5. Turn off Internet sharing application. Castleville uses a lot of Internet bandwidth and Computer memory.
  6. Make sure you have Java installed on your PC.
  7. Uninstall and reinstall Java. Go to your computer Control Panel, Programs, Uninstall a program

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One Comment to “Fix Facebook Castleville Game is Running Slow on PC”

  1. Jennifer Jones Says:

    Well that was all really not useful. What’s the point of giving a lot of supposed “answers” without any detail.

    how do we turn off the “internet sharing application”, “clear a browser cache”, & telling players to change to Firefox??! If you’d done your research you’d see that most of the players of Castleville are using Firefox & they still have this problem.

    I’m giving you a negative vote. You’re no help at all.

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