How to Find and Search Free to Use Images on Google

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If you are looking for free to use images and photos on Google, one of the most compelling issues is the copyright law which doesn’t allow you to use certain pictures without the explicit permission from the owner. This brief article wants to show you how to find and search specific images using Google filters. It will also show you how to make sure that the pictures you are about to employ on your work or leisure are free to use and share.

  1. Open your browser and go to Google.com
  2. Perform a search on Google.
  3. Click the Image link located on the top of the Google page result.
  4. Click the settings option on the left side of Google page. The option is represented by a “Work” icon.
  5. Click Advanced Search from the menu.
  6. Go to the end of the page and located the “Usage Rights” option.
  7. Click the drop-down menu and select one of the following options: Free to use or share, free to use or share, even commercially, free to use share or modify,  free to use share or modify, even commercially.

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