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While hitting the back button (after you just wrote an email, a form or a post), on Firefox, you might get the following error message: “Document Expired. This Document is no Longer Available.” or “Document Expired. This document is not available in Firefox cache.”  Despite the fact that it is not clear yet what causes this error to pop up on your Firefox browser, I have managed to collect a list of remedies and exploitations from the Internet that can fix your issue. So, let’s see how to prevent Firefox from displaying the document expired error message.

  1. Some users report this error message because they are using a Firefox beta version. Uninstall Firefox beta version and download the latest Firefox stable version here.
  2. If you were filling in a form, write a message or an email  and you tried to go back using the Firefox back button, most probably you experienced that “Document expired message” error.  Apparently, Firefox doesn’t know how to manage this situation (exit from a protected email page or a form or any page using https). Such an error is believed to be a bug. In this case there is not a lot you can do. Just copy the web address of the page you are trying to visit, exit Firefox, open Firefox again and paste the web address on Firefox web field and try to visit the page.
  3. Such an error is a feature. On some error messages we can read the additional explanation: “As a security precaution, Firefox does not automatically re-request sensitive documents.Click Try Again to re-request the document from the website.”
  4. Some users have manage to get out of this issue by going to Firefox setting and clear the cookies and cache.

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