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When you open a blank document in Word 2010, the default background color page is white, as you know. But what do you do if you want change such default color to blue, yellow or red? This article will show how, in a couple of clicks, you will be able to change the color of a Word 2010 page.

  1. Open a blank document in Word 2010.
  2. Now, click the Page layout tab.
  3. Click the Page Color button.
  4. Select your favorite color as background color for your Word 2010 document.

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3 Comments to “How to Change Default Background Color Page in Word 2010”

  1. Marilyn Burn Says:

    Did anyone have any suggestions as to how to make the colour of page change permanently? I get a headache with white. With Windows 7 and previous, it was possible to do this by personalisation, changing the window to blue. But windows 8 does not allow this. Help please!

  2. Elliott C Says:

    is there a way to make this a permanent change?

  3. Elliott Says:

    This does change the color of the page, but it doesn’t save it for everytime you open word after. How do you keep those settings permanent?

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