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Till some time ago you could only publish real-time, up-to-date posts on Facebook Pages. Now, Facebook lets you schedule ahead of time posts which will be automatically published at the desired time. Let’s see how to turn on such a feature so that you will be able to schedule and  automatically publish your posts and updates in the future! 

  1. Open and login to Facebook.
  2. On the left sidebar, click your Fanpage.
  3. Under Status Bar, click type post message so that you will be able to choose what post you want to schedule ahead of time. In this way, when the day will come, Facebook will publish your posts without any intervention from you.
  4. Now, click the small clock icon located on the button-left side of the box.
  5. Under the Status bar, a small section will appear. On such a section you will be able  to schedule your future posts by selecting the day, month, year, hours and minutes from the relative drop-down menus.
  6. Click the Schedule button.


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One Comment to “Schedule Posts Ahead of Time on Facebook Page”

  1. Atif Says:

    my schedule time clock on facebook is not working plz help me

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