Enhance the Security of your Login Password in Windows 7

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As we know, when it comes to security there isn’t enough protection you can adopt in order to enhance and strengthen the security of your login password in your Windows 7 . The best way to go is, without any doubt, to change the password periodically and use a mix of words, symbols and numbers. However, Windows 7 goes  further  when it comes to helping you in protecting your computer. In fact, nested among Windows 7 settings, there is a set of useful options which can give full control and power at the way your logon passwords is used and managed.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Go to Administrative Tools. (Be sure to have Administrative privileges)
  4. Double click Local Security Policy.
  5. Click Account Policy – Password Policy from the left pane.
  6. On the right pane you should be able to see a full set of security settings that will give you maximum control over the way your passwords are managed on your Windows 7. Let’s see what this options are:
  • Enforce Password History: Set the number of unique passwords that you can use before you can reuse an old password.
  • Maximum Age Password: Set the  number of days  a password can be used before the system will force you to change it.
  • Minimum Password Age: Set the minimum number of days  a password can be used before the user must change it.
  • Minimum Password Length:  Set the minimum length for your password.
  • Password Must Meet Complexity Requirements: This settings forces you to choose a password 6 characters long. This settings is very useful  in case you do not know the minimum requirement that are necessary in order to enhance the security of your login password.
  • Store Passwords Using Reversible Encryption: (just avoid this option as it is dangerous for your security) Store the passwords in plain text without any encryption.

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