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google-chromeIf you are on Google Chrome, you might want to change your location in order to see how websites look like in other countries (different location). This could be very useful in order to take advantage of special promotions and deal that are not available in your country , or just to preview changes and news that will be available in your country in a few weeks or months. Thanks to this little trick you will be able to manually change the location of your Google Chrome by setting a special, hidden option, not a lot of users are aware of!  

  1. In order to change the location of your Google Chrome, first we have to gain access to the hidden Chrome Developer Tools by clicking Ctrl + Shift + I on your keyboard.
  2. Hit the Esc key to open the Console.
  3. At this point, majority of the work is done. Now, go to the Emulation tab and select Sensors from the left sidebar. Please be sure that the “Override Geolocation” is turned on or this trick won’t work.
  4. Here you can specify a new location. Keep in mind that you will have to manually set and write coordinates.
  5. At this point reload your page to change the location effectively and enjoy it!


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