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Help fileWhen you buy a USB key/pen/external hard drive one of things you should do right away is  format it from FAT32 to NTFS. In fact, an hard drive with FAT32 format only gives you the possibility to transfer files less than 4 GB. And we know only too well that today there are a lot of files that overcome that figure such as videos for example. When converting from FAT32 to NTFS you are always prompted to format the USB or external hard drive and this could be an issue if you have already stored a lot of data.  However, thanks to this trick you will be able to convert to NTFS without losing any data and without formatting! 

  1. In Windows (any Windows version) Click Start and in the Search Bar, type CMD and hit Enter.
  2. Now, type the following command chkdsk I: /f (“I” is meant to be tha USB/external hard drive, so make sure about this letter by going to  the “My Computer” icon usually located on your desktop).
  3. Now, type the following command Convert I: /FS:NTFS and press Enter on your keyboard.
  4. Done. You have now successfully converted your FAT32 USB pen to NTFS format without having to format  your data! Enjoy!

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