How to fix Windows 10 Won’t Play Any Video (but Sound Works)

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windows-10Some users are reporting a weird issue that seems appear randomly. Basically, when try to play any video (in any format) in Windows 10, the new operating system will only let you hear the sound but no video or picture will be shown. Despite the fact that it might seems a trivial issue, since some of you might think that it is only a matter of codecs, the issue is a little more “deeper” since not all packages work properly and only a few of them fix it. So, let’s see how to proceed to fix it and play any video in Windows 10. 

If you are having problem playing any video in your Windows 10 and installing codecs packages won’t heal the issue, just try downloading and installing VLC free version that seems to contain all codecs compatible with Windows 10 and your favorite viedeos. This video player can easily and more functionally substitute the default video player in Windows 10, namely Windows Media Player 12 which  comes with less codecs (due to copyright issues).

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