How to Change and Resize Font Size in Facebook

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archive messages on facebookOne of the most bothering things while reading a post or looking at your profile on Facebook is having to deal with a sudden change in the font size without being able to resize it. While some users have found a pretty easy solution in order to fix it, other might be at loss  and wondering about how to resize those huge font size. Here is a pretty easy solution!  

  1. Open your Facebook account.
  2. Now keep pressing the CTRL (for pcs) or CMD (for MAC) button on your computer or laptop keyboard.
  3. While keeping pressed the above button, click on the “+” or “-” key on your keyboard.

If the above solution didn’t work for you, try reading this old post of mine, here. Alternatively, you can always try this easy trick here:

  1. Drag this Fix Facebook in order to change or resize Facebook fonts to your bookmarks bar.
  2. Click it every time you are on your Facebook account.

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