How to Send a Profile Picture on Facebook Chat

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archive messages on facebookChatting with  Facebook Chat within your Facebook account is an easy way to stay in contact with your Facebook friends no matter where they are. Sometimes you might wish to send them your pics, photos and even your Profile pictures. Apparently, there is no way to achieve this because Facebook doesn’t want you to send too many files in order to not overload its servers. Here is a little workaround and trick to send your profile photo to whoever you want! 

  1. Log in your Facebook account.
  2. Go to the friend’s Profile or Fanpage. I am talking about the page you want to insert or send the photo.
  3. Copy the Username or the Profile ID just in case no username is available.
  4. Now just type the username in on of these formats:
  5. [[username]]
  6. [[fanpage username]]
  7.  [[profile ID]]
  8. Now copy and paste one of the above formats in your Facebook chat and hit enter!

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