How to Change Day/Month/Year Number to Text in Excel

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ExcelThis simple trick will let you change the month, day and year from numbers to text in Microsoft Office Excel.  It’s very useful in case you have a lot of data and need for some reason to display the name of the dates in order to rearrange the info on your Excel sheet in another way. The good news here is that you don’t need any formula! So, let’s see how to achieve this! 

  1. On your Excel sheet, select the date.
  2. Go to Format cells (Ctrl + 1).
  3. Click Custom.
  4. Now select one of these formats: “mmm” // “Jan” or “mmmm” // “January” for the months, for example. This trick will convert and change the month from number to text.
  5. If you want to convert the date, use this formula: =TEXT(A2,”mmmm”)

Basically, the whole idea behind the above trick is to display a text string from a numeric value, by using this command: TEXT(value, format_text) where Value is a number and Format_Text is the converted text. Here is a more comprehensive formula:

=TEXT(C3,”dd/mm/yyyy”)    — This is useful if you want to  convert date numbers in text in cell C3

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