How to Remove Google Custom Search Virus/Malware

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virusGoogle Redirect Virus aka Google Custom Search Virus is a terrible malware that is pesting a lot of computers lately. It masks itself as an harmless program made by Google so that when the user comes across it and is prompted to download and install it, he is quite sure to do something right. But he is doing something wrong. Very wrong. Google Custom Search Virus is an  hijacker tracker malware that tracks whatever you do. Next step is to spam your browser with a lot of pop-up, pop-under, redirecting pages containing of all kind of ads. Let’s see how safely remove it and delete it from your computer. 

  1. The first to do is go to Panel Control — Programs — Programs and Features and look for it and remove it, of course. Be sure to look for something named like “Google Custom Search” or something similar. If you can not find it, look for a for with an odd name and try to google it to see what other users wrote about it. Chances are that it is the virus you are looking for. Be smart, in fact it will try to trick you by looking like something harmless.
  2. Now, go to Google Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer and go to the Extensions section. Delete all Extensions that, as said before, have to do with Google Custom Search.
  3. In your browser, go to Settings —Home page and set your default homepage as www.google.com.
  4. As a plus, delete your Temporary Internet files by Clearing all your  browsing data.
  5.  If you still have the virus, simply download the free version of Malwarebytes and run it.


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