How to Stop Automatic Drivers Update and Installation in Windows 10

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windows-10Hard disk space is a precious resource in your computer, isn’t it? That’s why we are almost looking for ways to uninstall bloatware and unwanted software from it. But what if Windows 10 automatically install updates and such without your consent, even though such updates are completely useless? In this case I am talking about Windows 10 automatically installing Drivers and their updates  that are completely worthless. In fact Windows operating systems contains a lot, really a lot of drivers that are not necessary to you but are there just in case you want to connect a device. In that case Windows will already have the proper driver. So, let’s see how to stop and prevent Windows 10 from downloading and installing unwanted drivers automatically. 

  1. Turn off your Windows 10 and boot it in 10 Safe Mode.  To achieve this hold the Shift key while selecting the “Restart” option from menu.
  2. Once you are in the Safe Mode, open the Power user menu (admin menu) and select “Device Manager”.
  3. Right click the unwanted driver device and select Uninstall. This is the first step to do in order to prevent Windows 10 from downloading unwanted drivers.
  4. Now, in the Start menu, select the System icon.
  5. Click Advanced System Settings.
  6. Now, click the Hardware tab.
  7. Click the Device Installation Settings button.
  8. Click the No radio button and press OK. This option is the reply to a question asking you “Do you want automatically download manufacturers app and custom icons available for your devices?”
  9. Done!

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