How to Install Windows 10 Without a Microsoft Account and Password

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windows-10Microsoft is trying or I’d better say force us to have one of its accounts.This is quite clear when you try to make fresh installation of Windows 10 or when you turn on your brand new PC for the first time. But, what if you don’t want a Microsoft account? Here is a couple of simple solution that might come handy when you install Windows 10 and don’t want to be bothered to create a Microsoft account. 

  1. Start your Windows 10 by turning on your computer or simply start the procedure to install Windows 10 on your PC.
  2. When prompted to create a new account, click “Create a new account” without hesitation.
  3. When the form appears on your screen requiring your personal data, go to the bottom and click “Sign in without a Microsoft account”.
  4. A new form will be shown requiring for a new username and password only. Fill in such a form.
  5. Click finish.

Bonus trick!

It is also sufficent not to connect your computer to your internet connection and you won’t be prompt to create a Microsoft account.

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