How to Play Pac-Man and Breakout Games on Google

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googleiconEvery now and then Google makes hard core gamers very happy by inserting in its Home Page a nice Doodle game. Some times ago Google on its main search engine page let us play with Pac-Man and Breakout. But as you know, after a few days Google tends to change or remove its doodles. Here is a simple trick to play those two wonderful games on your Chrome (and all browsers indeed) in a couple of clicks! 

  1. Open Google web page and type:”Google PacMan”. A small windows should appear on top page, right before all search results, and will let you play with Pacman!


  1. Go to Google Search Image by clicking on this link: https://images.google.com/
  2. Now Type: “Atari Breakout”. In a few seconds you will get all image resulst for such a search, but you will also see that all the images will shrink to form a brick wall and, right after that, the game will start with a small “bip”. Brikcs are nothing less but small previews of the image search results.


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