How to Create an Anonymous Email Account and Send Fake Emails

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email outlook calendarNowadays privacy is very important and at the same time is the most undervalued thing on the Internet. In fact, as soon as we open a browser we are immediately tracked by websites, blogs, the government etc. so, reality is that Internet offers you very little protection again those who want to know more about you. The same thing is true for our email accounts. In this article I will write about temporary email accounts that offer you a good grade of privacy protection. Mind you, if somebody wants to know more about you, he will be able to do so, but with this kind of email accounts it will be a little more difficult. In fact such email accounts don’t ask about information the way other email account provider do.  You will only need to create a name for your email and that’s about it.  You will be ready to send fake and anonymous emails right away! 

Mailinator  – This is my favorite nr. 1 anonymous website to create temporary email accounts. All you have to do is create your email address and that’s it. Once done you will be redirected to your email account without password and without any login to do. It is also possible to password protect your account with a few easy steps.

en.getairmail.com  – What I like about this disposable, fake, temporary email account is that once you enter the webpage by clicking on the link, here on the left, you will be given an anonymous email account right away. The email account domain will be totally invented so, when you send an email the recipient won’t even be able to track down the website it came from! The creation of the email account is totally radom so it will offer you a further privacy protection!

mytemp.email  – What I like about this other disposable and anonymous email account service is the ability to create as many private email accounts as you want.  No matter if you want 2 or 100 email accounts, you will be able to read them all on the same interface. It is just sufficient to click on the “New Email” link on the left sidebar to create a totally random email account ready to send and receive emails!


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