How to Prevent Microsoft Internet Edge from Showing Pop-Up Notification

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edgeInternet Edge is the faster and lighter Internet browser ever made by Microsoft. But it is also the most annoying one because it is full of nagging pop ups and notifications that alert you of new options, functionalities, promotions and websites and blog news alerts. So, let’s see how to turn off all  Edge notifications and alerts in order to let you enjoy web surfing again! 

  1. The fist thing to do is understand that Microsoft Edge pop-up notifications are on two levels. The first one is managed by Windows 10 operating system itself, while the second one is managed by a special option in Edge that allows websites and blogs send you “alerts” about news, promotions etc.
  2. So, let’s turn off Windows 10 ability to send you notifications. Click the Start icon on your Desktop.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Go to System and right after that click Notifications & Actions located under the Settings App.
  5. Now, turn off Tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows option.
  6. Now, let’s take care of the way Microsoft Internet Edge allow websites and blogs nag you with their messages.
  7. Open Microsoft Edge and click Settings.
  8. Click View Advanced Settings.
  9. Under Notification, click the Manage gray button.
  10.  You will be confronted with a list of websites that are allowed to show you notification. Choose the one you like from the one you dislike!
  11. Done!

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