How to Recover and Get Back Deleted Files, Folders, Emails etc from your Hard Disk Trash Bin

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trash canOne of the biggest issues while working on a computer is accidentally deleting important data. I am referring to deleting  files, folders, documents, emails…even music and video files. Once they have been deleted, they are apparently gone forever. Apparently. The truth is that once these files and data are in the trash bin they are not really gone, unless they are overwritten from other files and even though they  have been overwritten, some of them can be still “alive” somewhere with some chances to recover and restore them! So, let’s see together how to get back and restore your lost files from your computer trash bin  thanks to a free software.   

Piriform Recuva is a free software that lets you get back, recover and restore your accidentally deleted, lost files in NO TIME! It can recover  “pictures, music, documents, videos, emails or any other file type you’ve lost. And it can recover from any rewriteable media you have: memory cards, external hard drives, USB sticks and more!”

A great thing about this software is that you can recover lost files from a damaged hard disk. In fact, loosing files has not only to do with accidentally deleting them, but it can also happen in case your hard disk breaks down. Recuva can  help in this unfortunate event also! But Recuva doesn’t only help recover you recover files. It does the opposite as well. I am talking about the fact that sometimes you want to be sure that once you have deleted certain files, they are gone forever with no chances from other users to recover them in some way. In fact Recuva ” overwrite feature uses industry- and military-standard deletion techniques to make sure your files stay erased.”

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