How to Lock Down your PC Using a USB Key

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As we know, Window is far from being a secure system. In fact there are a lot of ways to gain its access once you lock it down via the standard password method. Nowadays hackers are very resourceful and can reset  a password in no time, without speaking about their ability to crack into a system by using ad-hoc program that are created by themselves! So, why not use a free software that not only enhances the security of your Windows based PC but it does it by using a USB key as a unlocking device! Let’s see how to use a USB dongle to unlock your Windows PC safely!  

  1. Download and install on your Windows based PC Predator  software.
  2. Start Predator and insert a USB key in your PC. Keep in mind that Predator doesn’t not erase any of the content of your USB key nor does it modify any file.
  3. At this point Predator will ask you if you want to create a password.
  4. Create a new password to use with your USB key to lock and unlock your computer.
  5. In the Preference window of the software create a security password you will have to use in case you loose your USB dongle.
  6. Now, exit the program and restart it. A few seconds later the Predator icon will turn green alerting you that the software is running in the background.
  7. Predator will now check every 30 seconds to see that your USB pendrive is plugged . If it isn’t, your computer will be automatically locked!

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