How to Recover Data, Photos, Files from a Corrupted SD Card

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disk is write protectedSD cards are very handy as they allow you to store a large quantity of files, pictures, videos etc in a small memory. Moreover, they are widely used in smartphones, cameras and all kind of devices. But what happens when you take one of them from one of your devices before mentioned, you stick it in your computer and the computer returns you with an error message saying that it can not read/access the content of your SD card (even USB keys)? Well, usually there is not a lot you can do apart from trying another couple of times. After that the only solution you get is to try to look the Internet for free software that allows you to recover data. As a last step you will have to format the card in order to gain access to its memory. But your data still will be loose forever! Let’see how to recover data thanks to a small, little, handy trick! 

  1. If you are using Windows 10 (but keep in mind that this trick works perfectly on Windows 8,7 etc as well) type CMD in the lower left sidebar of your Desktop.
  2. Click the Command Prompt icon and open the well- known Command Prompt black window.
  3. Now, type one of these commands (you will have to find out the one that works for you) : Type in “chkdsk /X /f sd card letter:” or “chkdsk sd card letter: /f “ , ”chkdsk /X /f G:” or “chkdsk H: /f”.  (without quotes, of course). Make sure to change “X” or “H” with letter of the drive that correspond to the SD/USB card. To make sure not to type these command in a wrong way, I suggest you to copy and paste them in your Command Prompt window.
  4. The command will scan the SD card and will try to fix their errors eventually.
  5. As a bonus, you can also read this article about a FREE software that allows you to recover deleted and lost files.


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