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 archive messages on facebookOne of the good things about Facebook is that its page style hasn’t changed over the years. This gives you a feeling of the good old times when everything was static and solid and there was nothing that could alter your web experience due to fancy design…But what if you bored with it and want to change it for something good? Apparently in  your Facebook profile settings there is nothing that allows to modify color and style of your Facebook account. That’s why, if you have Google Chrome, you can download a nice, neat extension that apart from changing your bored Facebook design, manage to block all of Facebook ads that can be seen in its timeline! 

Flatbook extensions for Google Chrome is a wonderful extensions that lets you give your Facebook account a new flat refreshing look! It also removes those useless, distracting  advertisements from your account thus improving your surfing experience. Among the other features, Flatbook also:

  • Makes Facebook faster due the fact that it removes ads. This means that  your Facebook pages will be lighter and faster!
  • New left sidebar (panel) with cool options.
  • New and improved news feed.
  • See who viewed your profile in a matter of seconds!

Here is the link to download the FlatBook extension for Chrome

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2 Comments to “How to Change your Facebook Profile Look (Design) and Block Ads”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Hi Dennis!
    Glad to see you back! Enjoy the last posts of my blog. My visits are on a dive because as you know I have not updated my blog in…years! So I dont know for how long i will keep it updated! Nice to see you! Hope everything is all right with you!

  2. Dennis Finegan Says:

    So far, so good. Seem to have a lot more friend requests though.

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