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Once you download Google Chrome and install it on your computer, you have to know that you will also install the Adobe Flash Player. In fact, the famous Flash Player comes natively to the Chrome bundle without you doing anything or downloading the extra package from the Adobe website.  Also, Google Chrome updates it regularly by itself. In fact, supporting natively the plugin means that the plugin itself will be updated right away…or not? Sometimes, it may happen that when Adobe release a new version of Flash that is adding new features or patching vulnerabilities, Google might not be so fast in updating the plugin nested in its browser as you think. This means that you will run an outdated version of Flash with the consequences that some hacker could take advantage of it. In other cases you might even meet issues while visiting a website or trying to play a flash game online. So let’s see how to force and fix the Flash update issue thanks to a little trick that will let you gain access to a secret page in your Google Chrome! 

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. In the address bar, paste this code and press Enter: chrome://components/
  3. Look for the Flash player button and click it.
  4. Google Chrome will look for any recent update of the plugin. If it will find a new update it will install it right away!

Please note that without this procedure you won’t be able to update your Flash Player for Chrome. In fact, going to the Adobe website, downloading and installing the Flash player from there won’t do anything to Chrome. Chrome relies for its Flash updates on the PPAPI version that doesn’t care for the NPAPI version that is installed from Adobe’s site!

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