How to Customize Google App Launcher in Google Chrome

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Google App Launcher is a very handy tool, located on the top, right side of your Google page (the small square made out of 9 small square dots…got it?) that, once clicked, shows you all the most important Google apps you can use. Among the other apps you can find: Gmail, Google plus, YouTube, Google calendar and so on. The launcher is, without any doubt, very useful, but it lacks of any chances to customize it the way you want. When I say “customize” I mean that you can not change the order of the apps or add shortcuts. They stay like that, without any way to place the most used ones on top of the list. Let’s see how  customize this Google App Launcher thanks to a very nice, free addon available for your Google Chrome! 

App Launcher Customization for Google is a nice add for your Google Chrome that is able to add more than 250 Google shortcuts. Among the other things it also allows you to place any website shortcut in your Google Launcher, remove shortcuts, change the app order and a lot more! Download and install App Launcher Customization for Google now!

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