How To Recover Deleted Gmail Email From The Trash Bin

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gmailIt’s very common to delete important emails. It is even more common to empty the trash bin thus making your important emails and attachments unrecoverable…more or less. In fact if your emails are downloaded in an email client, in your PC, this can be a real life saver since there are some interesting programs that can recover emails from an emptied trash bin! You might want to have a look, for example, at this program: Undelete-All. However, there are other cases where is not that simple to recover and restore your deleted messages and emails from the trash bin. Wanna an example? I am talking about Gmail. In the unfortunate event that you are not using an Email Client and you use the Gmail Web version (like I do), once you delete your emails from the trash bin, in your Gmail account, they are gone. Forever. But, there is a last try you can use as a last option… 


A few days ago, while roaming on the Internet I found an interesting Google page that could come very handy if you accidentally deleted important emails from your Gmail account.  Mind you, this page contains a form that has to be reviews by a real person (not a bot) and IF this person decides that your case is worth of attention, THEN you will be fine. Otherwise there won’t be anything  to recover your emails from Gmail! So, That’s the page:

Google page for Missing Gmails

As stated in the page: “In the past, users have reported that they are missing all of their messages as a result of unauthorized access. If your account was compromised and you would like us to investigate whether recovery of your messages is possible, please submit this form. Thanks for taking the time to report your issue.” So, this means that you have to use it in case someone hacked your account, but reading some forums I found out that if your emails contained important information and files you could be made worth of attention, so, why not give it a try?

Good Luck!

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