My picHi there! My name is Francesco. I am an independent web-editor. I like everything connected to the Internet and Technology and I would like to share this passion of mine with you. Technology has dramatically changed our lives, but has it changed it for the worse or better? It depends on us and the way we are willing to improve the world we live in. In the end we are the makers of our destiny. That said the whole philosophy behind Web Talk is to deliver to you the best news…in pills. Many people don’t have a lot of time to spend in front of the computer nor do they want to read long articles about new software, online services or interesting web sites. I like getting straight to the point and I do believe that the only way to achieve that it’s to give concise, brief, accurate and verified news. The rest is just superfluous. In a world where the fresh news is already old and the quantity of information is so vast that you can get lost and confused (see Google million results for a single keyword), the only way for you to stay up-to-date is getting what you want in the fastest and secure way possible. Web Talk’s commitment is just this: help you stay informed in a couple of minutes.

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