How to: The Best Free Programs for Your Computer

The need for a more detailed analysis of the various functional features of Windows Operating Systems cannot be overemphasized. There is a slew of bundled free programs, applications, tweaks and tricks that help in making it run as efficiently as possible. Clearly, this calls for a personal manifestation of the various ideas and commitments to better the brilliant operating system the world has ever known. However, this might be not sufficient. Despite Windows OS have got a huge variety of applications and tools embedded into its gears, sometimes you might need a special tool or a feature that Windows doesn’t own. That’s why it is important to know what software and program you need,where to get it and possibly how to get it for free!

There is a whole gamut of free programs that can be gainfully applied in furthering the operational efficiency of Windows systems. The software applications are listed here according to the various categories:

Email Utilities
This is a single most popular utility that links up communication channels across the global network through a robust software inbuilt in Windows OS. There are other equally popular and more powerful standalone software applications that take on the email functioning comfortably. Most of these email applications are vying to provide free additional storage space, backup features and a better email managing for those users who get and sent a lot of messages over the Internet.

  1. How to Look for Email Info
  2. How to Create a Disposable Email Address
  3. How to backup email messages from one server to an other
  4. How to save emails in your computer
  5. How to let the computer ask what email account you want to use
  6. How to import and export bookmarks between Web browsers
  7. Official Microsoft Outlook backup tool
  8. Gmail Desktop Notifier
  9. How to get rid of spam in your e-mail inbox once for all
  10. How to log-in to Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Mail from the same place

Photo Utilities
Imaging, scanning, sizing and filtering have never been as easy as it is today. Thanks to a range of imaging products, you can make your own albums, email specific album pages, add music and do a lot of things that could never be thought of before. But that’s only one side of the whole story! In fact, thanks to new,incredible, free tools you can even edit your photos, turn them into sketches and retouch them to eliminate flaws or objects which spoil the scene! With the increasing use of digital cameras, such programs are now essential tools for any computer users.

  1. How to Make Sketches from your Photos
  2. How to safely resize your favorite images
  3. How to compress and optimize pictures
  4. How to reduce the file size of a pdf
  5. How to enhance the quality of your picture and images
  6. How to convert PDF to TXT
  7. How to know and understand if a picture is original or fake
  8. How to optimize pictures and images and make them lighter
  9. How to extract text from an image on the screen
  10. Edit your pictures online and for free
  11. Convert images to ICO and PNG
  12. How to convert PDF files to JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG files
  13. How to convert pictures to PDF
  14. Turn your digital photos into beautiful sketches with FotoSketcher
  15. Paint.NET

Video Utilities
Every new version of Windows has brought about dynamic changes in the video displays. The smooth transitioning of the Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7 has been a remarkable success. The very fact that apart from the Windows Media Player there are a host of other powerful and dynamic players available as free downloads, proves the fact that research behind the Windows Media Player has been going on feverishly. Precision software calibrations and the tying up of the loose ends have resulted in the transformation of the CD of the golden era to the image specific DVD today. Video recording, data storage and data sharing across the net have been now possible through technologically advanced quantum based processes today.

  1. How to Download a WMP file (Windows Media Player)
  2. How to Watch YouTube Videos in Windows Media Center
  3. How to Make YouTube Videos Faster and Smoothier (Improve Buffer)
  4. How to download music videos from Google
  5. How to download video and audio from ANY website
  6. How to trick your boss into thinking that you are working
  7. Multi Video Screening Multiplayer
  8. How to convert, split and merge your videos easily
  9. How to download Dailymotion videos
  10. Download FormatFactory to convert your favorite videos and audios
  11. Convert YouTube videos into iPod and PSP videos

Internet Explorer and Other Web Browser Utilities
Walking along with the new operating system there has been simultaneous up gradation of the Internet Explorer – the net gateway. The faults and the shortcomings of the earlier version have been dealt with extensively and new features tweaked in so that there is a more robust and widely acceptable gateway to the Internet world. Downtimes are minimal now. However, why to limit the number of features and add-ons with the one offered by Internet Explorer? New Web browsers have come out lately, and tons of add-ons have been created to enhance your surfing experience. Internet Experience is the first step you take in the Internet once you buy a new computer. But that’s just the beginning. You can use other more flexible browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome or you can add new features to IE to make your surfing experience faster and more secure. Find out what you can use along with Internet Explorer thanks to these interesting articles. Surfing the Internet has never been so easy!

  1. Retrieve and Recover Facebook Password and Username from Any Computer
  2. How to Extract Any Cache File in Internet Explorer and Other Internet Borwsers
  3. How to Recover Passwords and Usernames in Opera Web Browser
  4. How to restore favicons in Internet Explorer
  5. Pimp your browser with free Bookmarklets
  6. How to use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome in one browser
  7. How to backup your profile (history and bookmarks) in Google Chrome
  8. The best unconventional alternative to Google Chrome
  9. Surf anonymously with xB browser

Internet Utilities
The Internet browser has developed over the years, and along with it, there have been a number of new products developed that supplement the functioning of the net. The video grabber, the web grabber, Internet accelerator, You Tube Downloader are some of the many other tiny applications that are working in close synchronization with the browser.

  1. How to Download Everything from Internet
  2. Improve your Internet connection with Internet Cell Boost
  3. How to download multiple files from Rapidshare
  4. How to increase the speed of your Bittorent downloads
  5. How to download files from Rapidshare without waiting
  6. How to see blocked websites

Windows OS Utilities
So many micro OS utilities are working in tandem with the Windows OS. The system repair, better backup, disk defragmenter, disk cleanup, system restore and a host of other software applications and tools that are clubbed together to get your machine out of a spot. Such is the versatility of Windows  that it has an incredible capacity to repair itself and get out of a jam at short notice. But why to limit your computer experience with the limited number of programs offered by Windows? Read on and find out what you can add to your operating system in order to enhance it and boost its features to new limits! These article are meant to open your mind to new possibilities that maybe your computer doesn’t know yet. Once you will be familiar with terms such as system explorer, disk defrag, backup manager etc, you will soon find out that beyond the short horizon offered by Microsoft Windows, a multitude of free applications are waiting for you!

  1. How to Fix “Cannot Delete File…” Error in Windows Operating System
  2. How to Spy Your Computer Monitor
  3. How to Recover a Password from your Router
  4. How to Download All Programs For Your Computer at Once
  5. Download Official Microsoft Download Manager
  6. How to Fix Windows Errors
  7. How to Install Windows Updates Offline
  8. System Explorer. A Powerful Task Manager Replacement
  9. How to Limit the Time your Kids Spend in Front of the Computer
  10. How to Retrieve/Recover and Reset your Bios Password
  11. How to Lock Your Computer’s Mouse and Keyboard
  12. How to Create a Shortcut (Hotkey) for Everything
  13. How to Check Hard Drive for Bad Sectors
  14. How to Retrieve a Deleted File
  15. How to Delete Old Files by Date
  16. How to Delete Junk Files
  17. How to Defrag Windows 7 Efficently with Defraggler
  18. Download Auslogics disk defrag for free
  19. A great way to clean up your hard disk
  20. How to wipe-clean your computer hard disk
  21. How to restore deleted files in Windows
  22. How to restore your hard disk drive
  23. How to store usernames and passwords safely
  24. How to convert any software to portable applications for your USB flash drive
  25. How to make your children surf safely
  26. How to conceal folders and private data in your computer
  27. How to automatically delete any file on your computer
  28. How to protect and disguise your computer games
  29. How to backup your Windows Vista and XP drivers
  30. Recover your Windows Administrator password with PCLoginNow
  31. How to change Windows Vista operating system language

Antivirus and Antispyware Utilities
Windows 7 comes in built with its own antispyware software. Though there are other third party robust products available in this arena, Microsoft has geared up its own mechanisms and have been firing on all 16 cylinders to produce its own in-house antispyware.

  1. Repair and Recover Windows 7/Vista/XP After a Virus Attack
  2. How to Detect and Remove Rootkits
  3. Download Free Panda Cloud Antivirus for Free
  4. How to Remove False Antivirus Software
  5. Bitdefender free edition software
  6. Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
  7. How to detect and uninstall Rootkits
  8. A valid and powerful antivirus: Rising Antivirus

Windows  is again one of the rare operating systems that functions admirably well under immense pressure. Based on its past performance it must be said that the OS has taken one giant step in the computing technology today. Side by side, it has also opened up great avenues for revenues and profits from genuine third party manufactures who are available with the latest ancillaries and accessories that augment the system’s performance many times over. This section wants to open your eyes over a new panorama of free applications and programs, which in most cases are even better than their paid counterparts. Internet is an immense sea which contains a big quantity of free stuff. Looking for them is not always easy and most users give up their quest and buy expensive software. Don’t give up your quest! This section contains a lot of free stuff. Plus its author updates it continuously. Come here every now and then and find out what Web Talk managed to find for you! Only the best, free tools manage to make their way on the lists above!

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