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Firefox is the most used browser by Internet surfers. It is fast, reliable, constantly updated, safe to use and best of all, it is free. No wonder that a lot of people are using this incredible Internet browser more and more, thus abandoning the famous, but alas, full of bugs, Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer. This section contains a lot of tricks, hacks, How to Firefox tutorials and the best add-ons for your surfing, red fox!  Feel free to try them all without worrying of messing things up. In fact, especially for the hacks reported here, if something goes wrong, the worst thing which will happen to you is that the browser will stop working. This won’t affect your private data nor your computer or operating system safety. Restoring the functionality of Firefox is very easy. A double-click procedure, a swift shift change in the settings ( from true to false or vice-versa) and you are done! The articles and mini-guides  have been divided int two main categories: “tricks and tips” and “Add-ons”. Thanks to them you will be able to achieve interesting and amazing results. You will be able to make Firefox faster,  add interesting extra options,  tweaks secrets settings only seasoned experts know and how to use and improve the way you surf the Web!

Firefox tricks and tips (This list contains the most useful and known tips, tricks to enhance your Firefox experience. If what you are looking for is not posted here, drop me a few lines and ask me whatever you want. I will write an article about your request.)

  1. Change the Number of Suggestions (Most Visited Websites) in Firefox 7 Address Bar
  2. How to Display “http://” in Firefox 7 Address Bar
  3. Install Incompatible, Old Addons on Firefox Recent Versions without Software
  4. How to Fix Addons Have Stopped Working in Firefox
  5. How to Restrict Website Access in Firefox
  6. How to Resize the Address Bar in Firefox 4
  7. How to Delete and Restore a Master Password in Firefox 4
  8. How to Lock and Password Protect Firefox 4 Stored Passwords
  9. How to Change and Fake Geolocation in Firefox
  10. How to Fix Blurry Text Rendering in Firefox 4
  11. Download SkyDrive Upload Tool Addon for Firefox
  12. How to Fix Firefox History is Blank Issue
  13. Download Megavideo Addon for Firefox to Bypass and Skip Time Limit
  14. How to Turn On “Do Not Track” Feature in Firefox 4
  15. How to Move and Change the Toobar Position in Firefox
  16. How to Secretively Monitor Online Activity in Firefox
  17. Force Firefox to Remember More Recently Closed Tabs
  18. How to Turn Off Automatic Image Resizing in Firefox
  19. How to Open Google Results in a New Tab in Firefox
  20. How to Change Firefox Buttons
  21. How to Add Website Shortcuts to Firefox
  22. How to Solve Google Instant Search Doesn’t Work in Fireox
  23. How to Create Strong, Encrypted Passwords and Text using Firefox
  24. Fast and Easy Google Search Commands on Firefox
  25. How to Restore Internet Sessions in Firefox 4
  26. How to Add or Replace Firefox Button with Menu Bar in Firefox 4
  27. How to Move and Change the Position of Firefox 4 Buttons
  28. How to Turn On and Enable All Tab Preview Feature in Firefox 4
  29. How to Add Google SSL Search to Firefox Search Bar
  30. How to Run Old Addons in Firefox 4
  31. How to Turn On and Enable Tab Preview in Firefox
  32. How to Get Support from Firefox in One Click
  33. How to Duplicate a Tab in Firefox
  34. How to Increse the Scrolling Speed of Websites in Firefox
  35. How to Turn Off and Disable Google Search Suggestions from Firefox
  36. How to Restore Closed Tabs in Firefox and Internet Explorer
  37. How to Enable and Turn on the Cursor on any Website in Firefox
  38. How to Use Old Add-ons (Extensions) in Firefox
  39. How to Activate Firefox Autofill Address feature
  40. How to change the mouse scrolling speed in Firefox
  41. How to restore default settings in Firefox
  42. How to modify the address bar in Firefox 3 and get search results
  43. Boost your Mozilla Firefox
  44. How to fix Firefox logging you out of websites for no reasons
  45. How to make your Firefox load faster at startup
  46. How to prevent Firefox from opening tab saying you “You have been updated to the latest version of Firefox”
  47. How to close the Download Manager automatically in Firefox
  48. How to open Firefox 3.x (and further versions) in Private Browsing
  49. How to add dictionary and enable spell checking in Firefox
  50. How to watch YouTube videos in Firefox sidebar
  51. Dirty trick to make your Firefox run at light-speed
  52. How to force Firefox to display big pictures
  53. Tricks to improve Firefox Download Manager
  54. How to make your Firefox faster
  55. How to change the location where Firefox puts your downloaded files
  56. How to turn off prefetching feature in Firefox
  57. Disable “Scanning for Virus” feature in Firefox
  58. Put Google Chrome feature into your Firefox
  59. How to export bookmarks from Firefox to Internet Explorer
  60. Enable spellchecking in Firefox 3
  61. How to make Firefox faster
  62. How to write urls in the address bar quickly
  63. How to shrink back button in Firefox 3
  64. How to increase the number of tabs Firefox manages to display
  65. How to set Yahoo mail as Firefox default e-mail client
  66. How to set Gmail as Firefox default e-mail client
  67. Change the number of url results in Firefox 3 smart location bar
  68. Another Firefox egg
  69. Uninstall/remove or delete Firefox add-ons with uninstall button disabled
  70. How to remove Windows Genuine WGA plug-in from Firefox
  71. Easter egg in Firefox

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Firefox add-ons (This list contains the most useful add-ons for Firefox. If what you are looking for is not posted here, drop me a few lines and ask me whatever you want. I will write an article about your request.)

  1. Schedule Gmail Emails to Be Sent Later in Chrome and Firefox
  2. How to Know How Big a File Is (File Size) Before Downlaoding it in Firefox
  3. Download Turn Off the Lights Addon for Firefox
  4. Official Google Shortcuts Add-Ons for Firefox and Chrome
  5. How to Add Voice Commands Features on Firefox
  6. Google Shortcuts. How to Place All Google Services in One Place
  7. How to Save a Video From Facebook Using Firefox
  8. How to Convert a Website to Mp3
  9. How to Remove and Turn Off the Chat Features from Facebook
  10. How to Add a Quick Restart Shortcut in Firefox
  11. How to Delete “Super Cookies” (Non Deletable Cookies) in Firefox”
  12. How to Translate Everything in Firefox Using Google Translation
  13. How to View and Display Lyrics Next to YouTube Videos
  14. How to Delete and Clean Firefox and Chrome From Your Internet Footprints
  15. How to Hide Bookmarks in Firefox
  16. How to import and export saved passwords in Firefox
  17. How to monitor and spy Internet activity on your computer
  18. How to create a customized bookmarks in Firefox
  19. How to skip and avoid the countdown on RapidShare, MegaUpload etc.
  20. How to find and save documents from any website in Firefox
  21. How to install a light theme on Firefox
  22. How to recognize if an e-mail is fake or legit
  23. How to improve Google and Yahoo! Search
  24. How to block advertising from websites in Google Chrome and Opera
  25. How to display Firefox tabs as thumbnails
  26. How to insert thumbnails in Google and Yahoo! search
  27. How to load Web pages faster in Firefox
  28. How to save your browser’s bookmarks online
  29. How to watch YouTube videos in cinema sytle
  30. How to open any document on the Web in Google Docs
  31. How to control your downloads better in Firefox
  32. How to show unread e-mails in the favicon tab in Firefox
  33. How to improve your Gmail
  34. How to create customized themes in Firefox
  35. How to enhance Gmail Inbox
  36. How to improve the history sidebar in Firefox
  37. How to login to different Gmail accounts from Firefox
  38. How to browse the Internet without mouse
  39. How to watch a YouTube video in slow motion
  40. How to open a bunch of links in a matter of seconds in Firefox
  41. How to download images and links contained in a website
  42. How to customize your Gmail account
  43. How to fill out forms and log in automatically
  44. How to customize Google
  45. How to add your e-mail signature to Gmail, Yahoo, Aol Mail, Hotmail
  46. How to add Google Chrome Omnibar to Firefox
  47. Change Google Gmail theme with Better Gmail
  48. Add Vista glass effects to Firefox with Add Glass
  49. How to open links in Google Chrome from Firefox
  50. Surf faster while using Firefox 3 thanks to Firetune
  51. Delete and clean Firefox from any surfing data with Close n’Forget
  52. Change the smart location bar to the classic bar with Oldbar
  53. Use Google Talk in Firefox 3 and further versions
  54. Export and save your Firefox passwords with Password Exporter and Mozbackup
  55. Play with more than 2500 Ninendo games with Firefox
  56. Web of trust WOT people driven Internet Security
  57. The best image add-ons for Firefox
  58. Firefox Preloader
  59. Speak it
  60. Gdocs Bar
  61. Spoken Text
  62. The best Firefox Add ons

Updating…(most recent articles are located at beginning of the list)

The lists reported here are constantly updated. If you wish to share a trick or add a new How to Firefox tutorial, feel free to contact me by filling out the form reported on this page. Before starting tweaking Firefox, please read comments other users have posted at the end of each article and find out what they have discovered. In this way, if something doesn’t work or if a tutorial misses some important steps you will know that beforehand thus sparing you from a lot of work! Keep in mind that Firefox is constaltly updated. New versions come out at a fast pace and new improvement are brought under its hood. Because of this some guide may not work for you, depending on what Firefox version you have got. If so, write a comment at the end of the post and let the community know your findings. Thanks!

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