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Month after month, year after year, Google has managed to become the first, most used Search Engine in the Internet. A lot of users increasingly feel that Google is Internet indeed! Thanks to its vast quantity of online services, free software and with its powerful ability to index millions of websites and pages all over the Web, Google lets us find whatever we are looking for in a matter of a few seconds, also providing with all the necessities we need during our daily activities such as writing a document or an email, watching a video, storing important information, read the latest news, speak or chat with our friends or coworkers etc. So why don’t use and bend this enormous Internet monster to your will?  This section contains guides, Google tricks, tutorials and how to Google articles to help you get the most out of the Mountain View company! As you see, every article has been divided into useful categories to help you get what you are looking for right away. The hacks and tricks here will amaze you. My word! In fact, you will be able to use unknown Google utilities, clear your “footsteps” from the Internet, find useful, free information or files, customize certain Google services, enjoy and have fun with the way Google works and much more. No extra knowledge is required on your side and no tricky settings are needed. You won’t even need to fumble with your computer! Everything, every single trick will deal with Google and Google only. For this reason an Internet connection is required. Google applications and online tools are so many that most of the time you don’t know that while searching for something on Google, reality is that you are sitting on a gold mountain without being aware of that! So, what are you waiting for? Learn what you can get out of these articles and please don’t call  Google just an Internet search engine…

Google Search

  1. How to Stop Google from Saving your Searches
  2. How to Block Certain Sites in Google Search Results without Extensions
  3. Turn on the New Google Reading Level Search Feature
  4. Quick Tricks to Set Cursor on Google Search Box
  5. How to Disable and Turn Off Best Matches on Google Search
  6. How to Search Mediafire with Google by Using Special Query Searches
  7. How to Turn Off Google Images Search and Switch to the Basic Version
  8. How to Remove and Turn Off Google Custom Search
  9. Google Instant Search Keyboard Shortcuts
  10. How to Turn Off Google Instant Search
  11. How to Calculate Sunrise and Sunset Times
  12. How to Google People and Find Everything About Anybody
  13. How to Look for Movies Playing in Your City with Google Movie Search
  14. How to Search Google Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  15. How to Search Different Search Engines in 3 Steps
  16. Funny Tricks on Google Calculator
  17. Google is Funny. Here is How!
  18. Magic Google tricks to boost your searches
  19. Funny pictures from Google Earth
  20. How to hack passwords using Google Search
  21. How to download music from Google
  22. Cool Google Tricks. A small guide
  23. How to search recent articles and post with Google
  24. How to search Google Image by color
  25. How to browse the news timeline of blogs
  26. How to get fresh content from Google Search
  27. When Google was not Google as yet
  28. Google tricks

Google Tools and Software

  1. How to Tag and Add Panoramio Photos on Google Earth
  2. Fix Google Toolbar is Blank and Empty on Firefox and Internet Explorer
  3. How to Restore Google Toolbar
  4. How to Effectively Close Google Desktop Search in a Couple of Clicks
  5. How to Easily Turn On AutoFill in Google Toolbar
  6. How to Extract Text from Images, Photos and PDF Files with Google Docs
  7. How to Remove Custom Buttons from Google Toolbar
  8. How to Get Google Toolbar in Two Clicks on your Internet Browser
  9. How to create Google Talk shortcuts to contact your friends quickly
  10. Google Chrome tricks and tips
  11. The best unknown tricks for Google Chrome
  12. The best free resources for Google Chrome
  13. Quick Trick: How to use Aero Shake in Windows 7

Google Online Services

  1. How to Enable and Turn on Instant Search on Google Toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer
  2. Small, Hilarious List of Funny Google Translate Tricks
  3. How to Delete Gmail Emails Efficiently
  4. How to Recover Accidentally Deleted or Disappeared Gmail Contacts
  5. How to Allow Someone to Manage and Read your Gmail Emails
  6. How to Customize Google Calendar
  7. How to Report a Gmail Error
  8. What Google Cheese Is?
  9. How to Add Weather Forecast to Google Homepage
  10. How to Insert Images in Gmail Emails
  11. How to Make Google Analytics Load Faster on Your Website
  12. How to listen to Google Voice Messages from the notification email in Gmail
  13. How to download Google Mail emails
  14. How to send emails as Hotmail using Gmail account
  15. How to translate emails you receive in other languages in Gmail
  16. How to link Facebook to your Google and Yahoo! accounts
  17. How to import and transfer emails from a Gmail account to another one
  18. How to forward the emails you get in Hotmail to Gmail
  19. Google Apps Status Dashboard
  20. How to preview YouTube videos and Picasa, Flickr, Yelp images in your Gmail
  21. How to customize Gmail with your own colors
  22. How to use your Gmail offline
  23. How to turn on Gmail offline features
  24. How to watch YouTube videos in Gmail
  25. How to send free SMS from Google Gmail chat
  26. Earning with Adsense: Path to Perfection
  27. How to sign up for a e-mail account
  28. Google Maps trick
  29. How to preview Google Adsense

Google Privacy and Security Issues

  1. How to Easily Report and Fix a Google Map Error
  2. How to Report Gmail Spam
  3. How to Know if Somebody Logged in Your Gmail
  4. How to Access Your Google Account
  5. Search the Internet Securely with Encrypted Google SSL
  6. How to Remove your House from Google Maps Street View
  7. How to Disable and Delete Web History in Google and Google Toolbar
  8. How to Stop and Block Adult Content in Google (Safe Search for Children)
  9. How to Clear Google History
  10. How to remove or uninstall GoogleCrashHandler.exe
  11. How to clear previous Google Searches
  12. How to get rid of spam in your Gmail inbox
  13. How to protect your Gmail from phishers and pestware
  14. How to disable spam filter in Gmail and Google Mail
  15. How to remove or uninstall GoogleUpdate.exe
  16. How to know if your Gmail account is hacked
  17. How to delete Google Accounts

Other Google Tweaks and Tips

  1. Turn Off Google Keyboard Shortcuts and Navigation Arrows
  2. Amazing Way to Trick Websites into Thinking That You Are GoogleBot and Skip Registrations!
  3. How to Save, Transfer and Move Google Videos to YouTube
  4. How To Turn Off Google Highlight Feature from Websites and Forums
  5. How to Solve and Fix Google Error 403
  6. How to Download Google Videos
  7. Google Easter Egg. Secret Google Page in Hacker Language
  8. How to Become a Gmail Ninja with this Bunch of Tricks, Hacks and Tips!
  9. How to Improve Internet Speed With Google DNS
  10. How to block an email from your Gmail account
  11. How to contact Google support. A list of useful emails and contacts
  12. How to get Google manuals for free
  13. Hot to fix invalid credentials error in Gmail
  14. How to place Adsense code in your blog’s posts
  15. How to put Google Adsense in the loop of your blog’s homepage

Updating…(most recent articles are located at beginning of the lists)

As you see the lists available on this section are constantly updated. If you can not find what you are looking for, or you would like me to write about something, don’t hesitate  to contact me by filling out the form available on this page. As usual, I would like to warn you about something. Surfing the Internet and looking for something on the Web is a nice and funny activity. However, be careful because, despite the fact that you are comfortably sitting in front of your PC, in your house, your activity is constantly monitored. Sure, thanks to some tricks and How to Google tutorials available on this section you will be able to delete and erase your footprint in the Internet and from the computer you are using as well, but don’t forget that you will never, ever manage to delete all the information Google collects about you in its servers scattered around the world. I am not responsible for the law infringement, data theft or any other damages these tricks might cause to you or third party companies, if imprudently used.

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